Archie MacKinnon with dog 1

Archie MacKinnon

MSW, RSW, CHE, Clinical Social Worker 

Over 20 years combined counselling and leadership experience provide Archie a solid foundation in the pursuit of service to others. Archie has a propensity for understanding and helping restore relationships- beginning first and foremost with our relationship with self and extending outward to our emotional and relational connections with others. With this, Archie has been drawn to create a space for individuals to find balance and move beyond that which limits them.

Counselling- Restoring Balance 

In addition to treatment of anxiety, depression, grief and other mental health conditions, Archie specializes in the treatment of Trauma & PTSD. Archie possesses a certificate in Traumatic Stress Studies from the International Trauma Research Foundation as well as training in Cognitive Processing and Prolonged Exposure Therapy.

Coaching- Moving Beyond

Mindfulness Coach- empowering individuals to move beyond that which
limits them is a passion of Archie’s. Restoring balance within our minds,
bodies and relationships is but one part of our wellness journey. The science of mindfulness has been shown to dramatically improve mental resiliency while reducing depression, anxiety and other internal struggles that adversely impact our daily lives. Through the use of mindfulness & formal meditation practices Archie guides individuals toward enhanced meaning and wellness. Archie has completed certifications in Health Executive Leadership, Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), Mindful Self-Compassion & Life Coach.