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True North is dedicated to helping all those who suffer from mental health issues. We practice a holistic approach to mental health. How we think, feel, and behave is the result of complex interactions between our biological, psychological, social, and environmental factors. The therapeutic approaches our team uses take each of these factors into account. Our team includes registered psychologists, social workers and psychotherapists.


Don’t let ADHD hinder your child. Try our 10-Week ADHD Brain Training Program (Toronto location) combining Neurofeedback & coaching, a medication free approach for lasting change.

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When you need a better understanding of your mental health condition. We offer a variety of assessments to help us understand your current mental health concerns and better enable us to pick a treatment that’s just right for you.

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Child Therapy

Just like adults, children can find themselves struggling with day-to-day life and need support too. When kids struggle, we know this can be challenging for parents, as we want nothing more than to see our kids happy and thriving. We offer a range of support for children and parents to address your unique needs.

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Couples therapy

Making the choice to go to couples therapy can feel like a very big step. It involves admitting that things are not perfect in your partnership, which is often hard to do and scary to admit. We believe that couples therapy should be part of every healthy relationship. Getting started as soon as you notice issues is the most effective way to help repair and rebuild your loving connection.

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Family Therapy

Varying family dynamics can lead to a host of challenges when it comes to building trusting relationships. Whether a problem appears to be within an individual or within a family, getting other family members involved in the therapeutic process will result in more effective solutions. Family therapy is a positive way to increase bonding between family members, overcome adversity and challenges and create more positive interactions.

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First Responders & Military

True North Psychological Services takes great pride in caring for Canada’s service personnel. Our clinicians specialize in working with Military Members, Military Veterans, RCMP, First Responders, and Correctional Officers to address the unique needs of these populations. We work closely with governmental organizations to care for these service members.

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Individual Therapy

Everyone struggles at some point in life. Therapy can help you gain control over the emotions, feelings and situations that might be keeping you stuck. Individual therapy involves developing a trusting relationship with a therapist, in a safe environment so you can work together on improving your mental health and well-being.

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Neurofeedback optimizes brain function. Through this form of EEG biofeedback, your brain can heal the root causes linked to your symptoms. Customized treatment can offer long lasting positive changes. Even without a diagnosis for a specific condition, neurofeedback can help relieve the symptoms of ADHD, anxiety, depression, PTSD and learning disabilities.

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Psychedelic Assisted Therapy

Unlock your ability to heal WITH A TRULY HOLISTIC APPROACH Leverage the power of psychedelic therapy to help you find – and hold onto – the hope, healing, and happiness you deserve. With the treatment of mental health conditions like depression, anxiety, and PTSD, a holistic approach is the key to sustaining relief. Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy works on many […]

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Therapeutic Approaches

Our highly trained clinicians are able to offer a wide variety of therapeutic approaches, which means they are prepared to understand your concerns and offer the most appropriate treatment.  

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