Stephanie Dunsworth

MA, Registered Psychologist

Stephanie specializes in psychoeducational assessments that investigate learning challenges related to inattention, self-regulation, hyperactivity, cognitive processing, memory, visual-motor integration, and/or phonological processing. As part of her assessments, she considers developmental and medical history, social and emotional functioning, and cultural factors that can influence functioning at school.

Stephanie also conducts psychoeducational assessment for children in French Immersion programs or children in the francophone school system who speak English as a first language. Therapeutic outcomes include helping families build a comprehensive understanding of their child’s strengths and weaknesses, helping families understand how to advocate for and support children who struggle in school, as well as providing specific recommendations for remediation and compensation strategies.


36 Solutions Drive
Suite 407
Halifax, Nova Scotia B3S 1N2 (902) 406-6734