Kristen Williams


Kristen has been a registered social worker in Nova Scotia since 2022 after immigrating from Los Angeles, California. Prior to moving to HRM, she had been working with formerly unhoused veterans and their families in the Greater Los Angeles community for ten years. Much of her work has been with the US Veteran’s Healthcare Administration, while collaborating with multiple community-based agencies in Los Angeles. She also has experience working with LGBTQI+ transitional age youth (18-24 years old) in New York City.

She greatly enjoys working with adults and older adults, as well as their partners and families. Her experience is informed by working with clients struggling with complex trauma, depression, anxiety, coping with major life-transitions, alcohol/substance use concerns, as well as grief, loss, and end of life. She is also versed in the complexities of polyamory/non-monogamous partnerships, gender identity, and sexual orientation journeys.

She practices counselling styles based in trauma informed treatment, including Eye Movement Desensitization Reintegration (EMDR), mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR), acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), as well as solution-focused brief therapy (SFBT) and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). She strives to utilize these and other evidence-based counseling modalities that are client-centered approaches uniquely tailored to her client’s needs and preferences. She is eagerly looking forward to working with you on your journey.

Preferred clientele

Adults and older adults (18+) preferred. Veterans, active military, first responders. However, open to all types of clients related to trauma, depression, anxiety, life-transitions, and grief/loss. Open to working with clients with co-occurring disorders (alcohol/substance use history and/or current concerns). I also have familiarity with the LGBTQI+ and polyamory/non-monogamous communities.


36 Solutions Drive
Suite 407
Halifax, Nova Scotia B3S 1N2 (902) 406-6734