Erik Michalik

B.A.Sc., Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying)

No matter the situation or the person, I am confident that we will work towards the unique destination where you wish to be.
I have a background in assessment interpretation and scoring, and clinical research during my undergraduate thesis. I work with my clients from a client-centred perspective. This means that I will take extensive time learning and understanding your individual experience with what you’re feeling from an empathetic and non-judgemental view. I believe each experience of any presenting concerns is unique and requires the complete perspective of the client.

I lead by example, understanding the fragility and complexity of day-to-day life. I work with my clients of all ages; children, adolescents, and adults. We are social creatures, and I will work with you, planning and setting goals to help you or your child get to where you desire to be.

I believe that the therapeutic alliance is of the utmost importance when it comes to progress in mental health. I desire to work alongside you as together, and we may implement a holistic approach to set the appropriate goals for an optimally designed treatment plan.

Client Focus

Adults, Individuals, Teens (13+) and Children (12 and under)

Types of Therapy

Individual, CBT, Interpersonal, Solution-Focused and ADHD Coaching


Anxiety, Coping Skills, ADHD, Confidence, Emotional Disturbance, Self Esteem, Sleep or Insomnia, Stress

More Than Just My Work

I am an extroverted introvert who loves nothing more than a night with good friends, family and some board games. I have been an athlete my entire life who has aimed to perfect my physical performance since I started crawling. Additionally, I also have an obsession with trying new foods from all over the globe. I am that person who goes into restaurants and asks the chefs to make me their favourite authentic dish! All in all, I aim for balance in my life: good health, good people, good memories and good food (best for last).