Dr. Michelle Presniak

Ph.D, C.Psych., Registered Psychologist and Neurofeedback Director

Dr. Michelle Presniak graduated with a PhD. in Clinical Psychology in 2009 and works in the areas of clinical, health, and rehabilitation psychology with children, adolescents and adults.
She has been practicing neurofeedback for over 10 years, trains and mentors other health care professionals in QEEG assessments and neurofeedback, and treats a range of conditions with this advanced form of psychological treatment. She is board certified in neurofeedback by the Biofeedback Certification International Alliance (BCIA) and is in the process of completing her diplomate status for QEEG analysis.

Dr. Presniak believes we all can reach our greatest potential, but to do so, requires empowering our brain, optimizing our mental health, and knowing where to focus and balance our lives. She dedicates her time to the growth and support of the NuVista team so that they are continuously offering the most advanced assessments and neurotherapies to all of our clients.

More Than Just My Work

Being a mother, wife, psychologist and business owner, I know how stressful life can be. I was fortunate early in my career to be treated with Neurofeedback and it truly changed my ability to handle what life brings.