Bryanne Harris

MA, Registered Psychologist

Bryanne Harris, MA is a Registered Psychologist who practices in both
Nova Scotia (R0916) and the Northwest Territories (2250-67716). Her
current clinical focus is on treating trauma in first-responders (e.g.,
DND, RCMP, Veterans). In her clinical work, Bryanne assists her
clients in examining the impact of traumatic events on their lives and
challenging unhelpful thoughts and behaviours related to these events
as to make positive change. Bryanne works collaboratively with her
clients to decrease avoidance and emotional numbing, learn skills to
evaluate thinking and consider alternative viewpoints of their traumas.
She helps clients to reduce their overall level of distress related to their
memories of the traumatic event, decrease feelings of anxiety, anger,
guilt and shame and improve day-to-day living.

Bryanne uses various therapeutic techniques and approaches to help
her clients meet their goals and rediscover meaning in their lives. These
techniques include Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Cognitive
Processing Therapy (CPT); Eye Movement Desensitization and
Reprocessing Therapy (EMDR) and Gottman Method Couples Therapy.
Bryanne also conducts VAC Mental Health Disability Assessments for
active RCMP members and Military Veterans on a regular basis and
enjoys assisting clients in navigating mental health services as needed.
In her practice, Bryanne strives to offer clinical expertise in
combination with a warm, non-judgemental environment to enable
individuals to work through their difficulties, grow and thrive.


513 Main Street
PO Box 217
Kingston, Nova Scotia B0P 1R0 (902) 242-2810