Specialty Groups

True North takes great pride in caring for Canada’s service personnel. Our psychologists specialize in working with Military Members, Military Veterans, RCMP, First Responders, and Correctional Officers to address the unique needs of these populations. We work closely with governmental organizations to care for these service members.

Family Care

At True North, we believe the wellbeing of service members includes taking care of their family members. We offer psychological services to the spouses and children of our specialty groups. Please visit our services page for more information.

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Active Military & Veteran Personnel

Our Experience

True North Psychological Services provides decades of combined experience working with veterans and military personnel. Dr. Johnston previously practiced on Greenwood Base and Dr. Buttle previously practiced on the Stadacona Base. Dr. Buttle continues to do consult work for the Stadacona base. Dr. Johnston and his team of psychologists understand the challenges that service members and their families face. We offer expertise for service members on various conditions and issues related to military service. You can expect a safe and comforting environment for relating to these issues. We are familiar and committed to helping you through the adjustment back to a civilian lifestyle.


True North Psychological Services welcomes both active military personnel and veterans. To see a psychologist, we accept self-referrals, referrals from health care professionals and referrals from case managers. We are proud to offer psychiatric services to the veteran population.

We are also happy to assist with various paperwork for Government Canada and other organizations. We offer this service to veterans free of charge, as we know this paperwork can be a difficult and stressful task. If this is something you are interested in, please give us a call.

Psychiatry Services


To schedule an appointment with Dr. Johnston, Dr. Buttle or Dr. O’Donovan, a referral from a health professional or case manager is required. If you are a veteran without a case manager, our office team is familiar with the governmental organizations that serve veterans and is pleased to help organize authorization for your treatment. Please give us a call if you are unsure how to proceed with seeing a psychiatrist.

Active Military:

Active military personnel require a referral from the mental health team on their base. If you are an active member and are currently seeing a psychologist who is requesting you to see a psychiatrist for medication management, your psychologist can write a letter to your mental health team requesting for you to see a psychiatrist. The mental health team on your base will then send a referral over to the identified psychiatrist.


RCMP, Correctional Officers, First Responders

True North Psychological Services welcomes both active and retired RCMP, Correctional Officers, and First Responders. Our psychologists have extensive experience working with these specialty groups and are familiar with the challenges accompanied with these professions. To see a psychologist, we accept self-referrals, referrals from health care professionals and referrals from case managers.

Psychiatry Services: To receive psychiatric services, you are required to go through your employer’s health services department for approval. Please note that approval is not guaranteed and is at the sole discretion of your employer. Once you have written approval from your health services department, you may be eligible to receive this service.