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Niveditha Krishan (Nivea)

MSW, RSW, Clinical Social Worker


Niveditha Krishnan (Nivea) is a highly skilled and compassionate therapist with a deep passion for helping individuals and couples achieve emotional wellbeing and meaningful connections in their life.

With over a decade of clinical experience in the field of mental health in a diversified community, Nivea’s education includes a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from MGR Medical University, India. Masters in social work specializing in Medical and Psychiatry from Madras University, India, Post Graduate diploma in Community mental health from Niagara College, ON, Master of science in Yoga, Annamalai University, ON.

With a warm and empathetic approach, Nivea specializes in working with individuals and couples facing a variety of challenges. Nivea is also experienced working with adolescents facing challenges at school and home environment. Being an immigrant and a person of color, Nivea can understand the cultural and identity shock that people can experience from time to time. She is here to open her safe therapy space to anyone who are facing challenges.

Nivea’s approach to therapy includes CBT, DBT, Solution Focused and Integrated Couples and sex therapy.

Areas of competency:

 Couples and Sex therapy

Sexual function

Desire and Pleasure

Performance and arousal

Intimacy and Communication


Sexual education and empowerment




Coping skills

Emotional Dysregulation

Parent child relationship

Co-parenting in blended families.