True North Psychological Services Team Sarah Williams

Sarah Williams

MA, Registered Psychologist

Sarah Williams is a Registered Psychologist.  She is trained as a School Psychologist and has experience in numerous settings including developmental research (Dalhousie), ADHD treatment centre (New York), counsellor at private school (Florida), psychometrist for Federal research study (Correctional facility), school psychologist in NS 2004-2016, as well as a psychologist in private practice since 2007.   Sarah has been practicing at True North Psychological Services in Halifax, NS. since 2016. 

Sarah’s main area of work is related to learning profiles of individuals with learning challenges (e.g., Learning Disabilities/Specific Learning Disorders, ADHD, Intellectual Disabilities).  The main aspects of her role involve Psychoeducational Assessments, ADHD Assessments, consultation for various learning-related concerns. 

Sarah also works with school-aged children and adolescents on topics such as school-avoidance, performance anxiety (e.g., tests or presentations), self-confidence, problem-solving/coping strategies to deal with daily stressors, social/interpersonal skills (e.g., compromising, assertiveness), and life-skill development (sleep hygiene, adaptive functioning).