Annemarie Stigter


Annemarie Stigter

M.A.S.P.,  Psychologist (Candidate Register)

Annemarie Stigter received a Master of Arts in School Psychology from Mount St. Vincent University. She also holds a Bachelor of Science in Psychology (with Honours) from Acadia University. Her experience is primarily in school settings, where she provides assessment, consultation, and intervention services while working with students, families, and school teams.

Her work helps to address learning, mental health, and behavioural concerns that are impacting a student’s learning while incorporating practical supports and recommendations. As part of her assessments, she considers developmental and medical history, social and emotional functioning, environmental and cultural factors that can influence functioning at school. Assessment outcomes include helping families build a comprehensive understanding of their child’s strengths and challenges, helping families understand how to advocate for and support children who struggle in school, as well as providing specific recommendations for remediation and compensation strategies.

Annemarie’s current clinical interests include working with child and adolescent populations on learning challenges, behavioral challenges, and school refusal. She is particularly interested in using a cognitive behavioral therapy approach in intervention for executive functioning, social skills, anxiety, self-esteem, and stress.